Predicting NEW CAPITAL Indonesia with ZISWAF instruments

Predicting NEW CAPITAL Indonesia with ZISWAF instruments- Recently, Indonesia has been looking for an ideal city concept that is comfortable to be occupied by many people. The discourse To move the capital city continues to be intensified by the government; the economic reason is that only in Java occurred the most land conversion in Indonesia, exacerbated by the water availability crisis, especially in DKI Jakarta and East Java.

Finally in, Java is an island that is prone to the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis. So no wonder many ideas to form a new national capital in Indonesia, namely Smart, Green, beautiful and sustainable. But the concept built to create the New Capital City is still willing to use capitalist ideas; the party with the most capital will be able to control the new Indonesian capital.

Precisely, instruments that are socially religious in nature are underestimated, so it will be sure that the construction of the new money will be complicated because sustainability is not well explained; it is evident that the conversation about the ideal city being sustainable and balanced is still minimal.

Instead, the formation of the new national capital of Indonesia separates far from the religious values ​​and trust of Indonesian society. At this time, it will explain how the prediction of the new capital of the country of Indonesia with the instruments of zakat waqf and sadaqah through behavior formed by economic agents leads to sustainable development goals.

The idea of ​​this essay is How to integrate technology (tools) and the spirit of values ​​in Islam; why do tools emerge in the discussion this time? We know that technological developments in the current era accelerate the development of Indonesia’s new cities.

The concept of a smart city in Indonesia helps explain the idea of existing community values. The use of technology such as the internet of things, machine learning / Deep learning, and Block Chain in the digital age is widely used to help urban communities when on the move and activities. Moreover, the values ​​of spirit in Islam can be used as a blend for us to form an ideal city, such as the concept of development sharia mashed. This azaz is precise and detailed on developing humans with a humanitarian and sustainable social approach.

This sharia maqhasid is to have the urgency of whether or not Islamic Sharia applies, the concept of development in Islamic economics but is universal. Preferred development in sharia is religious development; mental development encompasses health; intellectual development includes education, offspring development, and economic development. This concept of the beautiful mind is so detailed. How does Islam pay attention to development in the current era so that the idea of Islam continues to help answer the challenges of changing times?


Cash wakaf model infrastruktur
Cash wakaf model infrastruktur

Cash wakaf model infrastruktur

Source: illustrator writer

The main conversation this time is about How the ZISWAF instrument can predict new capital in Indonesia. Of course, we must understand the agents involved, as we know that economic agents have different behaviors. The general public has the demeanor to donate according to to be able to obtain more excellent benefits/benefits. Meanwhile, good industrial behavior wants maximum profit by considering the risk of environmental damage. Especially the government also has a vision for the future to build a sustainable city.

the interests of these agents can be in harmony if the three main economic agents are oriented towards social values. The religious values ​​are names and values ​​on environmental sustainability. T

o achieve this harmony, education development is significant to understand economic agents to tolerate the mutual behavior between the groups in this financial group.

To harmonize society at large and industry, they want to issue waqf for the development of a new capital city. the provision of public facilities is given the opportunity to a society that is economically strong and has a will. Even the State Budget will not be disturbed if this waqf instrument is the main instrument in constructing a new capital city in Indonesia. This instrument also makes the effect of economic inequality will weaken. Eventually, social jealousy in the town will decrease.
Then commercially, we can also use Islamic financial instruments to develop cities in Indonesia; instruments that can be used are Sukuk, these Sukuk are Sharia-based bonds with clear underlying assets sSothe role in the development is the industry or the private sector. But if we continue to connect with society in this instrument, We can use the Sukuk link waqf or waqf link Sukuk. Development using waqf instruments and Sukuk to build infrastructure has been done a lot, as happened in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and other countries. this method is considered more effective in reducing the state budget in the country. Through a social collateral approach with the potential for Indonesia’s population to be so prominent in the world is expected to be able to build the capital city of the country of Indonesia by involving people in Indonesia.

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Sukuk link wakaf
Sukuk link wakaf

Sukuk link wakaf

Source: bahmi(2018)

The government’s behavior is paramount in determining the behavior of the policy of the new state capital of Indonesia. Generally, government behavior has two forms fiscal policy and monetary policy. Zakat waqf shodaqoh instrument is one alternative to meet budgetary and economic policies in Indonesia. The uniqueness of the zakat instrument is that it does not separate the real sector from the financial industry.

Instead, it is an anchor to connect the virtual drive and the financial sector. Conventional instruments now use the interest base even though interest has the nature of inflation so quickly; the zakat instrument encourages the entire industry to develop. Because if we deposit our money, we will be fined zakat.

Then the combination of waqf and zakat instruments will be able to maintain the stability of the currency we have because this instrument encourages the real sector to be competitive and develop so that the threat of economic bubbles can be agile well.

Naturally, this Indonesian country can optimize the potential of a large swap as a country with a Muslim majority population, and many are at the middle-class level. This is a challenge for us to continually develop the Islamic economy as a tool for Indonesia’s economic development

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